Founder & Senior Massage Therapist

I have always loved sports! All sports!! Massage offered me a pathway to get closer to the top than I could ever achieve on a personal level. When I started my training massage was still in its infancy. It's been a real pleasure over the years to witness the growth of the industry.

My education was supervised by some of the top therapists available in New Zealand and fortunate enough to attend plenty of workshops held by skilled practitioners from abroad. I continued to challenge myself by establishing practices in The Netherlands and Greece before I returned to Wellington. 

My approach is simple. Identify the tension through range of motion testing. Then work on or around the restricted areas. I believe a good treatment should have everyone walking out the door feeling better than when they walked in.

I use a range of techniques to manipulate the soft tissue following the contractile field model designed by Phillip Beech.

My focus and personal model is based on reduced muscular tension, increased body awareness for the client leading them in a direction of maintenance and injury prevention.